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St. John’s Petroglyphs

carvings are located just above the reflection pool found on the Reef Bay Trail . The mirrored reflective imagery often found on Taino art that represents the natural and supernatural worlds. The carvings were thought to be the symbols for "water" but they actually depict the nose of the fruit bat.

Bracelets are available in 14 karat, sterling silver or combination of 14kt and silver

We recommend that our island style bracelets are worn 1/2″ larger than your actual snug wrist measurement. The best way to measure your wrist size is with a soft measuring tape, as you would find in a sewing kit. If you don’t own a measuring tape, you can acquire the measurement by wrapping a piece of ribbon, string or a thin strip of paper around your wrist snugly and measure that against a ruler to get your actual wrist size.

IMPORTANT: When indicating bracelet size, please use your snug wrist measurement plus 1/2″ to select your finished bracelet size to order.



St. John Petroglyph Hook Bracelets