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The Trade Winds design was inspired by the constant winds gracing the Caribbean creating perfect sailing conditions here.


Available with without diamonds set in 14kt yellow gold or yellow & white gold. Sterling silver and 14kt yellow gold. Or all sterling silver with no diamonds

We recommend that our island style bracelets are worn 1/2″ larger than your actual snug wrist measurement. The best way to measure your wrist size is with a soft measuring tape, as you would find in a sewing kit. If you don’t own a measuring tape, you can acquire the measurement by wrapping a piece of ribbon, string or a thin strip of paper around your wrist snugly and measure that against a ruler to get your actual wrist size.

IMPORTANT: When indicating bracelet size, please use your snug wrist measurement plus 1/2″ to select your finished bracelet size to order.


Trade Winds Hook Bracelet